The challenge that made our team yell at me

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Hey Reader,

Last month we did a tough challenge here at ConvertKit. We tried to lower the amount of time we spend on our phones. 😬

It was just as hard as you might imagine!

With our focus this year on mental health, there was no way we could avoid this. Our phones are detrimental to our mental health, in so many ways.

Our challenge was to spend 2 hours less on our phones every day for 2 weeks. Each person looked at their average screen time and subtracted 2 hours, and that was their daily goal. We tracked it in a spreadsheet and those who made it got a cool backpack.​

We had excellent participation (nearly half the company) and people raved about the difference it made for them. They also admitted to yelling at me when they hit their quota for the day and had to put their phones down and find something better to do. πŸ˜‚

Participation is one way I measure success in a challenge, but messages like this are what tell me the work I do is truly having an impact (and sometimes make me cry 😭).

I just wanted to message you and let you know that I really appreciate the effort you put into the wellness challenge. Usually i do these because I'm competitive.. this one was amazing. I was super conscious about phone use and it really helped with my mental health.

I'm trying something different this month and including the challenge post in a PDF instead of the body of the email, let me know if you prefer it one way or the other.

​Screen time cleanse challenge.pdf​

I seriously recommend trying this one with your team!

Take care,



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