Remotely Well

A wellness program newsletter for the remote workplace. Feel free to copy what we do, or use it as inspiration for your own team!

What's in the newsletter?

Here at ConvertKit, we've always been a remote first team, and we're good at it. We've learned how to communicate and connect remotely and we love teaching everything we know. So we want to share with you one aspect of our remote culture, our wellness program.

We'll tell you everything we do in our wellness program, down to the details of each challenge, templates to copy, and wording to use. We'll also share some of the higher level philosophy and tactics we've learned over the years running a remote wellness program.

You'll get 5 of our most popular wellness challenges right away, with everything you need to run them for your remote team. Then we'll bring you along as we plan new challenges, and share how they go!

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